Saturday, 24 August 2013

Final Sleep...

She walked inside the familiar bedroom and carefully opened the chest with her wrinkled hands.

There were several tattered sets of papers, each narrating a story of its own; story of friendship, love, estrangement, togetherness, happiness and what not.

His immaculate cursive writing treated her eyes. She knew the letter by-heart. Yet she re-read. Her vision was blurred and her spectacles had stopped acting as extended eyes years before.

Then, she felt his red sweater. It was warm. She pulled close to her, as if drawing him closer. The sweater did not carry his smell anymore. Yet she remembered it very well.

A smile spread in her face. Her eyes twinkled like a sixteen year old teenager’s.

She closed her eyes. She was counting down her days to join him... It was 26 years since she saw him for the last him...  At the age of 96, what else can she wish for?

She carefully walked towards her bed. She felt alone. She closed her eyes and prayed, “Dear God, please take me to him. I miss him. My children are taking care of me. But I want to be with him and take care of him. Please make this my final sleep”

She was begging Him. Tears engulfed her eyes.

His son came towards her and covered her with the blanket. Her great granddaughter followed him. She kissed on her forehead.

A droplet of tear escaped her eyes and she heard her son murmuring, “Need to show mummy’s eyes to doctor. There is some problem. It is teary all the time”

She smiled at him and gestured to sit beside him. Then she kissed her son and her three years old great granddaughter. He lovingly wiped her tears away and caressed her forehead.

With a smile in her face and a blob in her eyes she thanking God and her love for gifting such a lovely children and family, she closed her eyes to sleep. She desperately wished that it was her final one. She didn’t want to trouble her children anymore.


  1. Reality in old age, After fulfilling all her responsibilities and when her loved one isn't there.....She wishes it will be her final sleep