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Panimalar is fanatically in love with Maryan. Eventually, Maryan starts loving Panimalar as well. But fate pushes Maryan to Sudan, South Africa. After being away from each other for two years, Maryan eagerly starts his journey towards his lady love. But, destiny had other plans. Maryan is held as a captive by local pirates. They physically abuse him and push him to get money from the company where Maryan works. But Maryan wishes to escape the trauma. He fantasizes of being with his only love, Panimalar... He dreams of a life in the lap of sea... He yearns to be caressed by the mighty waves and get drenched in Panimalar’s love. His desire to reach his love gives him barrels of energy. His determination makes him escape from the pirates. But, will he survive enough to reach his lady love forms the rest of the movie.

Dhanush as Maryan has delivered heart stealing performance. His silence speaks volumes and eyes convey the emotions. His body language makes us forget the star Dhanush; and we see only Maryan there. From an unconcerned carefree fisherman to his days filled with determination in Sudan, the transformation is depicted impeccably. He lives and shines as Maryan!

Parvathi Menon as Panimalar looks perfect. She comes across as a simple village belle with a heart that knows only one thing – love Maryan unconditionally. She loves him so much that she could connect to him in spite of the geographical separation. Be it longing and desire or uncertainty and pain, Parvathi has emoted well. Her long tresses and dazzling smile (that nose-pin too) will linger in our memories for a long time!

Uma Riyaz Khan comes across as a surprise. She plays the role of Maryan’s mother, Seeli. Her acting is free from any inhibitions. She further proves that acting is in her blood. Another surprise is Salim Kumar as Thomayya, Panimalar’s father. Appukutty as Sakkarai, Maryan’s friend ensures that we laugh whenever he comes in the screen. The first few scenes are made lively because of him. Looking forward to see more of him in the future!

But, the real hero, I would say, is the impeccable script. Director and screenplay writer, Bharath Bala, has weaved magic in the form of this film. The plot awed me when I knew that it is adapted from a newspaper article on a real-life incident, where three Indians working in an oil company gets kidnapped in Sudan.

A R Rahman’s background score is brilliant. Enga Pona Rasa will haunt us; there is something unique in Shakthi Sree (Nenjukkulle umma mudinjirukken fame – Kadal movie)

In short, the movie is brilliant. Though the base plot is the love between Maryan and Panimalar, the story depicts the life of fishermen.... It addresses the problems they face... It portrays how they kiss death everyday and still valiantly go back to sea...

Go for the movie... Breathe the salty air... And let love linger in the air...

Rating          : 3/5
Remark        : Must watch
Why   : Dhanush, Bharath Bala, AR Rahman

PS: Maryan means Immortal

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