Friday, 9 August 2013

Miles to go...!

She noticed a fellow jogger wearing mini skirt as she jogged down the unfamiliar lanes of Chicago!

Suddenly she felt conscious. Her carefully chosen tracksuit looked terribly out of place. So did her fair complexion - In Indian standards - and her jet black wavy tresses.

Ekanthika was moderately tall and slim built with big eyes. She was an engineer and her company had sent there for an onsite job.

She was going through a miserable time adjusting with the cultural and societal differences.

You will get used to this, she told herself and continued to run.

Miles to go...!


  1. Interesting ... that's the difference in way of livings.

  2. Replies
    1. Hoping that she would find that soon!
      Thanks Dobson :)

  3. Oh differences and feeling out of place. well penned.

  4. Dear Satya,

    I would find it challenging to adjust to a different culture. A couple of things. I think instead of "conscious" you might mean "self-conscious". Still counts as one word and better describes what she's feeling.

    "An engineer she is" is a tense change and might read better as "She was an engineer..."

    Nice feeling to this. Is it based on personal experience?



  5. Dear Rochelle...

    First of all, thanks to this wonderful prompt.
    And thank you for your comments!

    I will incorporate your observations.

    And... It is not written out of personal experience. I am not an engineer. I am a Chartered Accountant and have not been anywhere out of India!

  6. Dear Satya,

    A great story. Rochelle was spot on, as usual, with her comments on your tale. I have been to India twice. What part are you from. I am thinking of retiring there.



    1. Thanks Doug...
      I belong to Kerala, southern part of India.

      India is a great country...
      I bet that you will have a great time her! :)

  7. It’s amusing because a jogger wearing a mini skirt/tutu would be out of place anywhere.

    1. May be yes...
      Thanks for dropping by and for the comments :)