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Shudh Desi Romance

Raghuram     – Confused! He doesn’t know what he wants from life.
Gayathri        – Carefree! She is full of life and doesn’t care about future and the society.
Tara               – Bold! She knows what she wants and thinks rationally.
Chachaji        – Empathetic! He understands the tunes of young hearts and guides them indirectly

Raghuram is engaged to Tara. Even on the eve of his marriage, he is uncertain about it. He feels that he can’t keep her happy because he thinks that she would match his taste. On his way to the marriage venue, he meets Gayathri and love flickers instantly followed by a hasty long kiss! And at the marriage time, he runs away.

Destiny had its own plans. Raghuram and Gayathri meet again. Love keeps them glued together until they decide to marry and Gayathri runs away on the wedding day!

Now destiny seems to have different plans because Raghuram meets Tara. Friendship blooms and then love follows until he accidentally meets Gayathri.

Who marries who makes the rest of the story!

Sushanth Rajput Singh as Raghuram portrays the character effortlessly. There is complexity and multiple shades in his characterization. He is expressive and doesn’t try to be heroic. And ah! He conquers our hearts. His smile is infectious J

Parineethi Chopra as Gayathri is at her best. Her character is that of a rebel who smokes and doesn’t care about what others think about her. She lives life in her terms. She has had multiple heartbreaks and that has rendered her strong. Yet her quest to find true love makes her characterization an interesting one.

Vaani Kapoor as Tara looks fresh. She carries a childlike innocence. Her onscreen presence is limited. Yet she makes her presence felt. There is sweetness in her characterization.

Rishi Kapoor as Raghuram’s chachaji is empathetic. He listens to each one of them and leads them. He understands their thoughts and fears. He has portrayed his character with a subtle grace. If he had overdone, an annoying vulgarity would have crept in!

It is swift and packed with events. First have has many moments. But second half fails in comparison. It could have been much better; a little bit of editing would have done wonders!

There are several kisses between the leads. And it is portrayed with grace. Subtle depiction of passion makes it a cute watch.

This is the real hero! It helps the audience to connect with the characters and many a times, with themselves! I loved all the dialogs that are uttered by the characters when they think aloud facing the camera.

Raghuram thinks that marriage is no more an event to unite two souls.
Gayathri says that heart doesn’t aches when it hurts for third or fourth time.
Tara wonders if she happy that the guy who ran away is falling in love with her or if she is actually fuming within.

Songs – My picks
·         Shuddh desi romance
·         Tere mere beech mein kyaa hain
And the background score syncs with mood of the film

What else?
I loved the dresses and accessories worn by the actors. It is trendy and so-very wearable. It is Oh-so Indian!

My take
Love at first sight... Marry your first love or perish... Devdas kind of men... DDLJ kind of love... One man-One woman kind of love... All that kinds seem to be a part of yesteryear. Today’s generation fall in and out of love instantly. They fear commitment and marriage is never a topic of discussion. “Enjoy the present” is their mantra. There are also times when they hold special feelings towards more than one person!

And Shuddh Desi Romance talks about such kind of complicated relationships that today’s generation hold. Yes! They watch Jab tak hai jaan... Devdas... DDLJ... Dil tho paagal hai... But when it comes to their love life, as the song in the movie says, it is “really silly”!!!

Therefore, this movie will be relatable to today’s generation – A generation that thinks that marriage is not the end purpose of life. They believe that marriage used as a means to show off family’s pride and wealth than to actually unite two souls that are meant to be together! But, this movie will be a shocker for this generation’s parents and their parents!

Should you watch?
You will enjoy this... You will laugh... You will nod...
After all, the movie carries a different perspective today’s generation... Their fears about marriage... Dilemmas about commitments...



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