Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Silent Tears...

Their parents were smiling. Their family looked happy. They were dressed in wedding attire. Her eyes held tears within. But he looked at her and smiled reassuringly.

It was the happiest day in her life – Marriage with her childhood sweetheart!

She closed her eyes for a second, as if trying to accept the reality. Never did she think that he would come back to her; not after a decade of estrangement.

When she opened her eyes, there was only darkness.

Was it a mere dream, she could not believe. Everything seemed to be so real... His twinkling eyes and tall figure... His heart stealing smile and reassuring look...

Yes... It is a decade since they had parted ways.  They never exchanged any goodbyes. Nor did they share any parting hugs. They fell apart slowly and gradually. Hours of talks reduces to seconds and faded to nothingness. Love was still in the heart, but the deed to express it vanished.

Life moved on... Work kept them busy... But happiness seemed to have sneaked out of their lives.

She pulled up her blanket and closed her eyes with the hope of falling asleep...
And with the hope of getting him back in her life.

Silent tears rolled down her cheeks...

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