Wednesday, 2 October 2013


The easiest thing to do in life is to live. Yes! You heard me right. Living is the easiest task entrusted by the Creator on the living thing. All we need to do is inhale and exhale. Look! Living in this planet Earth is simple... Rather simplest of all!

Then what is challenging and tough? To live in other’s heart and thus, live forever. I believe that immortality is a reality and not a mere myth.

If I am able to build the castle called love in someone’s heart, I will live in that person’s heart. My presence or absence from this mighty World will not deter that heart from thinking about me or loving me. Therefore I live there as long as that little heart beats!

Conquering lands and enslaving people is easy. But conquering hearts and enslaving them in love is very difficult.

People become great not because they breathed and sustained their life; also not because they accumulated loads of wealth and power. They become great because they conquered the heart of millions. Their fame and goodness was passed on from one generation to another like an ancestral pride!

And today marks the birthday of a Mahatma – Gandhiji...

He is still living in our hearts... In our memories

When we become driven by greed and bow our heads for corruption, I wish that we look at the innocent smile of a great man in our currency. How selfless he was! He is the Father of our great Nation and as his children we should not succumb ourselves to material needs. I wish that we all should understand that life is beyond that.

After all, life lives beyond death. Therefore on this day, let’s all raise and pledge to ourselves that we strive hard for a greater good, being peace and happiness. And that we don’t tangle ourselves in the mesh of greed – Greed for power and money!

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