Thursday, 17 October 2013

Chase Dreams

As Emma walked towards the gate, her eyes welled. Her father’s voice broke and her mother was struggling to maintain the composure.

It was one of those moments when all the three of them proud. After all, Emma has been one of the few candidates who got admission in the prestigious Harvard Business School.

After your grandfather, it is you Emma. You should be proud about that. Her father always swelled with pride when he said.

The car was waiting to take her to the airport.

Through the corner of her eyes she saw Chocolate, their dear doggie. Since the day she started packing, he had gone into a self-imposed hibernation. He was reluctant to eat and be with them, like a silent protest.

She knew she would miss him. She hoped that he would be alright.

Then she left... To chase her dreams...
To fulfill her parents dreams....