Sunday, 6 October 2013

Colors of Mamma...

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Tears were rolling down his cheeks. He thought twice before taking the blue colored hankie on which his mother had embroidered his initials, VK. This is called chain stitch, his mother’s voice echoed in his ears. Fresh tears rolled down his cheeks when he thought about her. He couldn’t crumple the hankie. He carefully tucked it back in his pockets and wiped his face with the sleeves of his shirt.

“Vaibhav, go with Raju chaha. He will take you to your room and introduce to your friends”, the convent sister said. Her eyes contained compassion. She kissed on his forehead and wiped the fresh set of tears. But he wanted his mother to wipe those tears. However, he didn’t say that. He dutifully followed Raju chacha who was carrying his luggage, packed by his mother. Tears rolled down again and he couldn’t stop that.

Raju chacha introduced him to his new friends. All of them were as old as he was, seven years. They would be his classmates too. They all seemed to be happy. Don’t they miss their mother, he wondered. Thought of his mother brought more tears in his eyes.

“Don’t worry Vaibhav. You will feel good soon. You better sleep for sometime”, said a boy who looked as tall as he was. He had a perfect round face and jet black eyes. He was fairer than he was and his name was Anirudh. Raju chacha left after tweaking his cheeks and patting Anirudh.

Anirudh patiently sat beside Vaibhav hoping that he would fall asleep soon. But he couldn’t. Memories of his mother played in his mind like a movie.

Her long hair... big eyes... her sweet voice... then her tears...
Those were the colors of his mother... Always soothing...

Vaibhav was told that his father was a rich man and he met his mother in college. They were classmates. It was love at first site and eight years later, marriage followed.

Vaibhav was born on their third year since marriage. There was only happiness until his father started getting addicted to alcohol. Every night he would come home and they would fight.

His mother tried to shield Vaibhav from everything. She didn’t want him to witness the misery that she was going through.

But on that day when his father’s parents came to their house, he saw what she was going through. They accused her and said that their son has become what he has because of her. They forcefully took their son with them leaving him and his mother at home.

Then divorce followed. Vaibhav used to find his mother crying all the times. Yet she poured him with love and care.

One afternoon, they received a phone call and their lives changed forever.

His father has driven the car in a drunken state. He was hospitalized and was suffering from coma. The news shattered Vaibhav’s father’s father and he died out of cardiac arrest. After all, his father was their only child.

They went to the funeral and his father’s mother pleaded her to take care of their son and herself. His mother, being someone who can’t hate anyone, agreed.

Her life became miserable since then. She would be at hospital beside his father. Then, take care of the needs of her mother-in-law. She couldn’t spend enough time with Vaibhav.

On granny’s insistence, Vaibhav was enrolled in a boarding school.

“Only for a year. As soon as papa gets well, we all can live together. Isn’t Vaibhav a good boy?” she had asked by suppressing the tears. Yet a droplet rolled down her cheeks.

As he lay in bed beside Anirudh, he took the red color sari of his mother. He loved to see his mother in that sari. She was his angel. She held it close to him and prayed that his father gets well soon.

Then he felt Anirudh hugging him tight with another hand caressing his hair and several faces smiling at him. They looked as if they understand what he felt and what he had gone through; as if they have already gone through what he was going through.

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  1. Hi Satya, what a soul ful story!! There are tears in my eyes.So moving!

    1. Thanks a lot madam...
      I am so glad that you liked it!

  2. I loved this story Satya. Particularly the climax is touching :) Keep writing for BAT.

    Someone is Special

  3. that tugged at my touching!

  4. Hi Satya

    The post is nice. You picked up the story of a child's separation from his mother vis-a-vis boarding school. Though slightly, but I felt it fell a bit out of line with the theme "Color". Nonetheless, I wish you great luck for BAT. Hope you are having a fun time by reading all the other entries.


    1. What I tried to narrate is about a child's memories of his mother... From her smiles to cries... In a subtle manner and in an obvious manner....

      BAT is a real fun... And yes! The posts are all a pleasure to read... One out-shining another...

      Anyways... Thanks Animesh :)

  5. Nice story Satya. Bereavement from loved ones always causes inexplicable pain. kudos to you for mirroring that so soulfully in your words :)

  6. The colour of motherhood was being replaced by the colour of a new friendship. Things could have been worse for Vaibhav otherwise, I guess.

    All the best for BAT 42

    Here's my entry