Sunday, 20 October 2013

"Common" Cold

With a running nose and tiered eyes, she sat in front of me.

My inner-mind urged me to hide under the table. But I didn’t do that. How can I? I scolded my inner-mind for being so rude and for lacking the much needed compassion.

I continued to sit there and do my work. Occasionally I would observe that she was sneezing. I noticed that her nose was red.

Cold is common, I told myself. I consoled myself that I am immune to it. But, my inner-mind remained unconvinced.

Gradually, as the Sun started getting fiercer, I started catching a headache. Pangs of hunger, I told myself. Hunger can evoke headache, I argued.

But, in spite of a sumptuous lunch, the headache refused to go.

As the Sun started getting mellower, something started itching in the insides of throat too. So, I had hot ginger tea.

Dear Sun, was slowly letting the crescent moon to take in-charge. But, the headache continued and that uncomfortable feeling in the throat remained. I packed my stuffs and left office.

It has to be hunger; I tried to fool myself once again and had an early dinner.

Applying as much balm as possible, I hit the bed early. Lack of proper sleep and too much of travel, I thought to myself.

Finally, in the middle of the night, I got up. I couldn’t swallow the saliva. Neither could I breathe properly.

Ah! How fool I was. I was trying to fool my dear body?!
Oops! It was common cold indeed, from the very beginning.

I was too tiered.
Yet I could not sleep.
Holy cow!


  1. HEHE Holy is the cow, to the common cold we bow :-) I thought you would write on preventive measures. But this was creative and a good read...Nice:-)

    1. I liked the sound of your poetic comment Shilpi...
      Thanks a lot :)

  2. haha... very funny and even i think that way ;-)

  3. Hahaha.. I have had similar situations in life :) am so paranoid that even if someone sneezes anywhere within my vicinity, I fear of getting a cold .. heheh

    1. Janet..
      Well.. Join the club then...
      And thanks for the comment!