Friday, 11 October 2013

Google Doodle

Sometimes innovation is all that is needed to attract people’s attention. And when Google come up with innovative ideas, who can avoid it?

Google is an integral part of our life; whether we like it or not. And I love their doodles. There is something unique about them. And I appreciate the way they sink GOOGLE into the doodle. I bet that there are a lot of creative heads who come up with something so amazing.

And here I am presenting some of the doodles that stole my heart. I liked them because of their simplicity or sheer brilliance.

I don’t know if this post carries any relevance to you. But this is close to my heart because I am an ardent fan of those doodles and this is dedicated to the brains behind it.

Thank you!

Looking forward for more and more from you!

An event that is a part of our daily life... Made so remarkable by Google 

Look at the Birthday baby there!!

Some doodle related to women... Be it the colors or the flowers...So feminine!

This is my favorite... Something so Indian about it!

Look at how Gandhiji's face replaces G in Google!

Shadow speaks!

Holi time... And Google’s innovation at its peak

Tribute to an Indian music composer

India at its best!

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