Saturday, 12 October 2013

Make your Country Proud of You!

I walk along the streets and my eyes always catch a glimpse of crumpled papers... Chocolate wrappers... Squeezed cans... Plastic bags... Paper cups and plastic cups... Newspapers... Cigarette stubs... Broken glass bottles...

Oh man, what not!!!

And I feel bad. Isn’t our country our home? Aren’t we proud of it? Do we throw wastes around or drop it in the waste-basket at home? Then, how can we throw them on roads and gutters? On the railway tracks and historic monuments? On the courtyards of neighbors and on the backyards?

Tell me how?

Do we have a split personality?

Don’t we shout at our family members when they callously throw waste things around in home? Don’t we take adequate measures to keep it neat? Then, why not out country?

You throw waste on road. Then, how can you expect your children to keep your home impeccable?

Think. Think.

Our nation is our home.
I know that you are proud of her.
But let her be proud of you as well!!!

Jai Hind...

Lets grow together... 

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  1. It feels really bad to see people of our country unconscious about little things that as a whole matters a lot!
    Nice awakening message Satya... thanks for writing this. Hope it makes people realize.

    Best wishes