Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Memories (Malayalam Movie)

Jeethu Joseph’s Memories is about Sam (Prithviraj), an alcoholic and Police Officer on a long leave, haunted by the memories of his wife (Meghna Raj) and daughter who were mercilessly killed by a criminal carrying vengeance.

What events led to the death of Sam’s wife and daughter? Was Sam able to make peace with his past and move ahead in life? Does he choose to continue with his profession? Who is the killer behind the murders of similar nature? What are the killer’s motives? Does Sam help take up the case?  All these questions are answered in the film through an intricately woven screenplay.

Prithviraj as Sam is an alert officer and a caring-loving husband-father. He is also a dutiful son and a brother. He lives as Sam, thereby, makes us forget Prithviraj-the actor. He has enacted the trauma he is going through in a wonderful manner.

All other supporting casts have done their part in a commendable manner.

The background score blends with the plot and builds the requisite tension. The choreography of the song involving Sam and his family is sweet and brings out their bondage in a short period of time.

The movie scores because of its impeccable plot. It makes us bite our nails and thus, be engrossed with the events that unravel slowly yet steadily. The way in which the mystery is solved is a delight to watch.

Though the premise of the film is an intriguing one, it seems like the movie takes forever to reach the climax. It becomes tiresomely slow and tests our patience. The grotesque murder pattern of the serial and the screams of pain in the climax is not a delight at all. It makes the audience twitch. The saving grace is that the movie ends with a happy note, free from blood and scars.

Well, I am someone who likes to read murder mysteries than watch. If you are also like me, I suggest that don’t watch it in the theater. Wait until it is premiered in the mini screen. With umpteen advertisements... an entire house to loiter around/hide... a remote control with the facility to change channels and a mute button...  You will enjoy!

But if you do like to watch gory murder mysteries, I bet that you enjoy in the theatre.

So decide yourself... Should you wait and watch or watch now!
In either way, go for it...


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