Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pre-Conceived Notions

You might wonder what I am blabbering. And you might also think that I am not making any sense. But let me tell you that I wanted to write about this!!! It may be tad too silly... Still...

20 months before
My company gave me a laptop which I was supposed to use to carry out my professional work. And some harmless personal work as well. Like blogging and watching movies. There were several trainings that need to be completed and I was asked to complete them in two weeks time because the audit to which I was assigned to would start.

I was super-excited. A laptop!!! I had a desktop at home and it was used more to watch movies... listening to songs... storing photos... surfing internet... and of course posting in my then 3 months old blog.

Besides, laptop is so compact compared to a desktop which occupies half of a table and which is cluttered with messy wires connected here and there.

With pride reflecting in my eyes, I started using my laptop. I dutifully started doing all the assigned trainings. But alas! I could not concentrate. I was finding it hard to read in it. No, not because of eye problem! I used to feel uncomfortable to read looking straight at it. You see, I had read only books till then – By holding the hard copy in hand!

It was tiring and I started hating my laptop.

I surprised myself. I am reading eBook... I read blogs... I can read lengthy documents and I am unable to imagine a life without this electronic device.

When we do something for the first time, we doubt if we can actually do it. We might give up without even trying. Thanks to our pre-conceived notions! But then, when we realize that we don’t have any option, we adapt and learn to live with it. Gradually and slowly, it would become a part of our lives.

One day, when we look back at the long road that we travelled and think about how reluctantly we started our journey, we feel astounded. We would also feel glad.

After all...
Life it is...

A sack of surprises!!!

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