Saturday, 26 October 2013

Two years as Locomente

inally, the most anticipated day has dawned... And I am finding hard to let my feelings flow through my gentle fingers which, then, dutifully taps at the keyboard to produce meaningful words and sentences.

Many a times we sit back and wonder can time fly so fast? And today is one such day. Has TWO YEARS fluttered so fast? Is it TWO YEARS since I built my teeny-weeny nest in this blogosphere? Is it TWO YEARS since I got an alter-ego named LOCOMENTE?  

To cut my oh-so-dramatic rants short, today is LOCOMENTE’s second birthday. And I am all smiles like a proud mother who has followed and recorded each steps of her newborn!

I am like a brimming mother who takes pride in her child’s growth and developments when it comes to my sweet baby blog. I take pride in each tiny step it takes making me swell more and more with pride.
© Is this really my 750th post?
© The number of page hits is almost 250,00 - Incredible!
© And the followers have become a whooping 80!
And I am elated. I can’t ask for more either.

All through these two years, many people have asked me how I manage to post something every day. I had never thought about it myself. I never knew that writing would come so easily to me. I still remember how I used to struggle in those easy-writing, story-writing and poem-writing competition to which my ammaji used to forcefully make participate. I was a disaster. There was nothing I could think about.

Nowadays, my dear Locomente startles me and many a times flatters me. And I am happy with this self-discovery. May be what they say is right - practice makes man perfect though I far away from perfections.

Hey, I have a confession....
When I started blogging, I never expected comments and feedbacks. But these days, I realize that I expect that; need them rather. It is a part of growing up, I guess. And I thank many blogger friends who have held my hands and fed me with both tasty and bitter motivation tablets. I heartily thank them all.

All said, its THANK YOU time!
Oh dear readers – that is YOU... I thank you for reading through my rants and cribs... You made me what I am today.
I thank my dear parents for standing by me and for always being eager to know my blog’s progress.
Thank you, my dear former Editor-in-chief (These days his work is keeping me dead busy, he says.) Yet I thank Vijay because I know you still read them though you don’t really share much (anything) about it.
I thank my blogger friends (There are many. So I am not going to take names).  And also several sites that come up with contests and prompts which gives some idea for creative writing.
My colleagues and friends at Palakkad... Kochi...  Trivandrum... Thanks for reading them!
I thank myself for observing... for taking time-out midst of frustration, confusion and apprehensions. Of course, midst of deadlines and relentless travels.

But no thank you is enough to my dear Locomente who entertained me when I was bored... who played the role of a love when solitude pricked me... who indirectly motivated me to read more and more books, watch movies, draw kolam and mehandhi, derive crazy thoughts , provoke thoughts, observe and make myriad muses, pen stories and micro-fictions, craft haiku... acrostic and other poems, who made me record the endless bickering between mind and heart and finally who ignited the long-forgotten love Tamil language.

At this juncture, as I compose the last few lines of this post, I am felling happy; a boundless one. I pledge to myself that I will write more... much better ones rather... Hopefully less romantic ones! Wink.

So... Happy reading folks!!!


  1. Happy 2nd birthday and many more to come.

  2. Waiting for your masterpiece....It s really unbelievable to me.... two Years passed... I still remember ur first blogging on Deepawali rite..... hats off to your consistency in blogging ....Expecting more from you....

    1. Aw! You still remember that?
      Even I am unable to believe that 2 years has passed so fast!
      Thanks for the comment...
      And always finding time to read my scribbling...

      Thanks Siv :)

  3. Wow.... Congrats....:)

    Hats off to your consistency in blogging and diversity that you exhibit in your writing...

    May your tribe grow...

    1. Thanks Kesavan...
      Friends like you make this journey more memorable!