Tuesday, 1 October 2013

OMG! October?

WHAT? Are we in the tenth month already? This realization is startling me. After all, I still remember preparing my new diary and chalking out the resolutions carefully. That seems like yesterday, but the reality is that another new year is only 90 days away!

I don’t know if it is the time that is fluttering or we are just too busy to sit back and do what we always wanted to do. Isn’t the latter more truthful? I am not being persuasive, I am just asking you. Rather trying to think and understand through you.

Let me confess... Off late October excites me. My baby blog will turn two this month. I am all oohs-aahs about it! In fact, the birth of this Locomente seems like now though it happened a good two years before.

Between, I have to tell you that this regular blogger went through a writer’s block for some days. I almost thought that I will not have anything to post for some days. But September Heights hosted by Haiku Heights came in rescue. And I ended up writing a haiku everyday! Thank God!

Hey! I want to share one more thing. The college in which I did my graduation is celebrating its 100 years. My English professor called me up and asked me to e-mail him a poem set that he can publish. I was totally excited. The offer was tempting. I didn’t know what to write. So I decided to find a suitable one from the poems I have published in my blog.

Oh no! Most of the poems carried romantic ideas... Love or betrayal... Yearning and the feeling of belonging... It dawned to me that I write more of romantic stuff, rather comfortable writing them. But, isn’t a writer someone who tries something new breaking his own walls? Isn’t he someone who thinks from other’s point of view and lets his imagination fly, thought use its wings?

So on this new day, I promise to myself that I would ponder into less visited areas and make use of this crazy mind in crazy ways.

Meanwhile, why don’t you do something that you always wanted to do, but never did? Why don’t you break yourself from the comfort zone and do something that is so unlike you?

So, come on... Let’s join our hands to startle the world...
Let’s do something that we have never done before...
Let’s astound the world...

Let the world go ooh-aah... Its October here! 

PS: My 725th post!


  1. 725??? Wow, now I know where to look for inspiration :-)

    1. I found that out accidentally...
      Thanks Amrit :)

  2. Kudos to 725th attempt..............

  3. oops! now I realise that we are only 90 days away form October!!!

    1. Ouch!
      Should I feel excited about the New Year or sad about saying bubbye to this awesome year....?