Monday, 7 October 2013

When she was around...

Life was fun and love
When she was around
Her laughter was his music
And her eyes deep ocean
Her touch was always gentle

When she was around
Time fluttered
They also flew with times
Experiencing pinnacle of happiness
Life seemed perfect

Life was fun and love
Until that day...
When fate parted them
When death ate her away
And sucked his happiness

Every day he sat on the park bench
Waiting to be awakened from the dream
He longed to hear the sweetness of her voice
He wished that time flees and he joins her too
In the heaven midst of angels, with his angel!


  1. :( a very sad tale , but love can win over all this .

  2. Poignant, but expressed so beautifully !!!

  3. Sad....But beautiful composition...Lovely!

  4. To have known, experienced that kind of love ... worth the pain I believe. Very nice.

  5. An eternity of sadness beckons him.... Sometimes so it goes , sombrero .....

  6. Heart-breaking tale, beautifully written, and his love wonderfully expressed