Tuesday, 5 November 2013

(All in All) Azhaguraja

I am a big fan of director Rajesh and his earlier movies SMS (Siva Mansula Shakthi), BAS Boss aenkira Baskaran and OK-OK (Oru Kal Oru Kannadi)has been a full on entertainment. I believe the the director has evolved with each movie and OK-OK is the best amongst the all!

After watching promising trailers and with the hope of going through a much better laugh ride than OK-OK in spite of super-below average songs, I went to watch Karthi, Santhanam and Kajal Agarwal starrer AAA -  All in All Azhaguraja.

The story is nothing new. If you have watched director’s other three movies you would know that Reajesh’s movies are not about the stories but about mass entertainment and tons of laughter.

Raja (Karthi), promoter and Mananging Director of AAA TV dreams big and Kalyanam (Santhanam) goes out of way to help Raja achieve his dreams. Midst of their dream-chasing, Raja falls insanely in love with Chithra Devipriya (Kajal Agarwal) and start chasing him. His parents, enacted by brilliant Prabhu and Saranya, encourage him to marry her. However, a flashback story brings a big twist in the story. Will Raja and Chithra Devipriya marry each other and how they overcome the several situational villains forms of the rest of the movie.

A movie which could have been a funny and entertainining movie if the editing was made crisper and several lagging scenes were deleted. Santhanam who has always been the show-stealer in director’s earlier becomes a bit of an over doze in the first half and becomes utterly intolerable in the flashback parts. It is annoying and not funny. Karthi and Kajal carry the story in their shoulder and are at their funny-best. Prabhu and Saranya are talents wasted, though their chemistry dazzles. Songs are poor and one-liners that evoke laughter can be counted with the help of fingers.

In short AAA is a big disappointment. Director sir and Santhanam sir, you have a fan following and they expect something better than the earlier ones. I understand that delivering something better is difficult eachtime. But please spare us the worse at least.

The movie is more suitable for “Comedy Time” watch in television than watching it in totality in a theater as a movie.


PS: Don’t get misled by trailers!

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