Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Entwined Forever

It was an important day for her. Her professional fate would unravel with the result that would be announced sooner. She was scared. And she shamelessly rambled about her fears.

He was listening to her, as always. Then he said, “Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. All the best”
He drew her close and kissed on her forehead with motherly affection oozing through his eyes.

The familiar liquid leaked through her eyes. She fought back those tears for she knew he loathed her crying; but ah! She failed miserably. He used to say that her tears are precious and should not be shredded so frequently.

“Now why are you crying”, he asked tenderly. She only hugged him in response.

Then she whispered into the softness of his chest, “I don’t need your ‘All the best’. I need you; I need you in my best and worst”

He planted a kiss into the dense hair of her head.

The beautiful relationship she shared with him is all she wanted and now demanded. A rare relationship where even silence speaks and absence never felt. After all, she knew he was a part of her now... As if he is herself...

And they stood there... Embracing each other... Entwined in love... Engulfed by the cloud of belongingness...

Finally he said, “I am there!”