Wednesday, 6 November 2013


This is the first Sci-fi that I have ever watched in my life and I am quite unsure about what to write about and how to review. Further, the number of English movies I have watched in my life will not cross single digits. So I once again disqualify as a reviewer. Yet I wish to share my experience – An out of the world experience!

Can you imagine the gravity of a situation when a few astronauts get stranded in space owing to the destruction of space shuttle? Especially when their O2 is going down every minute and the radio connectivity goes off.

Director Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity is all about whether the astronauts stranded in the space ever return back to the Mother Earth!

About actors
Dr Ryan Stone, enacted brilliantly by Sandra Bullock, is woman who is smart and at the same time scared at the same time. She clings to her past and personal failure letting herself give up the struggle to survive.

Matt Kowalski, enacted by George Clooney, is a veteran astronaut. He knows his job and carries a carefree attitude and enjoys life.

How I felt
The screenplay and direction is so crisp and so well-projected that we feel as if we are travelling with the protagonists feeling their pain. The 3D is very effective, especially those scenes involving debris.

I loved the deep philosophy it carries as much as the 3D effects, screenplay, direction and acting.

This is one hell of a story/movie... Go for it... It is an experience....
Don’t miss it



  1. Oh! yes, I Have watched this movie in 3D and its just AWESOME!!!! I hope our Bollywood too starts making such kinds of movies.

    1. So true...
      But then... yet,... Bollywood has to be masala inflicted!!!
      And they might end up dancing with a bunch in the space :P

      Thanks Vandana!