Saturday, 23 November 2013

Laugh off

That morning she looked herself on the mirror after waking up from a disturbed sleep. The puffy eyes didn’t startle her. Silently she went by the routine. Last night she cried her eyes out. The pillows got damp and her mouth went dry. But she let the tears flow and didn’t try to stop. She wanted to make peace with life and everything that was happening to her.

Distractedly, she started getting ready for work. She applied thick layer of Kohl and lots of liquid eyeliner on the eyelid. As she vociferously applied more of the black gel, the puff in her eyes started disappearing. She knew that it was only camouflaged and has not fully disappeared; it was not healed yet.

That thought made her realize something...

Life will be full of pain... sorrow... depression... Most of the times we will not get what we wish for... Tears is like alcohol... It can only give a temporary relief. But in the long run, it is about making peace with the sorrow... Addressing the grief and learn to live with it...

Like how the kohl that hid the puffy eyes, we should train our heart to hide the sorrow. Instead of mourning about an uncertain future, it becomes critical to live for the present. What joy did she derive by shedding tears all the night? Did anything change? Did she get what she wanted? Sadly, everything is same. She just lost some precious moments in her life; a rarity already.

Sometimes, it becomes important to think about good things and glide skillfully. Many a times, it is important to keep oneself happy and be selfish.

It becomes very important to repeatedly ask yourself, “Am I happy now?”

If the answer is YES, then, don’t bother about the future; it is not in your hands. Don’t give a thought about past; it is not in your hands. Just enjoy the present.

Love yourself... Not others!
Rather love you MORE than you love others! J

Keep yourself happy...
Laugh off the sadness...
It will not dare to near you then!

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