Sunday, 17 November 2013


I give you the permission.
You may call me POSSESSIVE....
Or SPOILED single child who doesn’t know the joy of sharing...

But world, I don’t care!

I just can’t share my books. L

I really don’t know if you have a similar problem too. If you have, and if you could be gracious enough to throw a generous comment accepting your inability to share/lend books, then I would be elated. It feels good to find people who carry similar attitudes, more so if the attitude is highly criticized. Phew!

I don’t know when I realized this. But long time ago, I know that for sure. I am scared that someone might damage the book. They might misplace it or generously lend to someone else. Worst, what if you lend the book and lose their contact eventually. What if they spill coffee or their dear doggie tears it apart?

Do you think I sound very dramatic?

I might be. I don’t know. Once I lent a book to a dear friend. She in turn lent to her friend. I know that my friend would take care of my book. But her friend didn’t. When I got the book back, it was like a bent stack of papers. I swore at my friend and declared that I will never lend her a book.

Am I over-reacting?

I might be. I don’t know. But collecting book is my hobby like philately and numismatics. Would you go to a philatelist and ask him to share his stamps? Then why are you behind me?

A poor bibliophile I am who buys books every month by setting aside 1% of her monthly income.
Such a poor soul she is.
Please don’t bother her
Please don’t bother me...


  1. I hate lending books too, unless I know the person will take care of it :)

    1. But is there someone like that?
      I dont have any :(

      Thanks a lot :)

  2. Me too. But I have another problem I can't say No esp to some one dear to family. So after lending you could see me losing my sleep thinking about my book in someone els self. :(