Sunday, 3 November 2013

Light of Life...

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As Shreyas walked towards his flat from the lift, he noticed that the lights were not on.

It was past midnight and he has had a hectic day at office. The final financials needs to be laid in the board meeting and it was only two days away.

As the days near deadline, it is always tough. This was not his first time. After all, he is a manager at the age of twenty seven in one of the big fours. His brilliance, time management and smartness helped him climb the ladder of hierarchy.  

His eyes were bloodshot and his head was throbbing. He felt starved and at the same time craved for some sleep.  There were several meetings all through the day... Review of his team’s work-papers and finally the review session with the partner. After several sarcastic remarks, polished insults and suppressed irritation, the partner and Shreyas had freezed the financial numbers and had circulated the same to the client.

He rang the doorbell and was wondering why his house is scarcely lit. May be mamma has dozed off, he thought. His father passed away few months before and his mother has been through a tough time.

Shreyas’s parents has had fairy-tale wedding. He was the first person who came to see her when their family astrologer announced that their astrological charts matched impeccably. He said that such he has never seen such a gifted match before and he further added that it is “made in heaven”.  They met midst of their respective families. And the moment they cast their eyes on each other, they fell in love. And the rest is history. His mother, a big fan of movies, always narrated this story to Shreyas. When he was a young boy she would say the story addressing the hero and heroine as Raja and Rani. Then, as he grew older, she admitted that it was her story. But, she always spiced it up and made it sound a first-class romantic story full of warmth and love; happy-ending types.

Suddenly, a current of guilt passed through his body. His mother had called him several times continuously in the evening. At that time, he was with the partner. The partner of the firm had casted an infuriated glance and Shreyas turned the mobile into silent mode. He, then forgot to call her back.

His parents were progressive types. They always allowed him the much needed space and encouraged him to lead his life in his terms. They never called him up and always patiently wait him to call or message. But today and for the past one week, he was too frustrated that he didn’t bother to call her upto update. He was surprised to find that his mother had called him 17 times!!

He pressed the doorbell again, but there was no response. Anger engulfed him and he was shocked when he realized that the door is not locked. May be mamma is angry and is being drama-queen now.

He walked inside and no lights were on. Then he found his mother lying on the couch with the mobile phone beside. He called her. But, she didn’t respond. When he touched her he knew that her body was cold. He shivered. He felt as if his world is blacked out.

He called for the ambulance and prayed frantically that she gets well soon. The road to hospital seemed as if it is stretched forever.

Shreyas observed the doctors expression. But he couldn’t decode his feelings. The wait seemed endless and Shreyas’s heart was racing. Slowly, the doctor shrugged and said, “Sorry”

Shreyas felt weak in his limbs. The doctor continued, “Gone for seven hours. We could have saved her - A cardiac arrest. She would have fought for life before abandoning it”

Shreyas was too shocked to respond. Last call from his mother was around seven. He was too angry that her mother was calling hysterically.

He could have saved her. HE could have saved her. That means he killed her. His mother had given all his life for him. She was always there for him. She never complained and camouflaged her pain within her loving smile.

As tears rolled down his eyes, he realized that he didn’t care for his dear mother as much as he cared for his career... He was always worried about what his seniors would feel, but failed to understand what his mother wanted to communicate.

That night he realized that his life will not be the same... And that he can never pardon himself... He hated his profession and the unrealistic times it demanded...

He wished he spent more time with his parents...
He wished... But nothing can be changed... There is no time machine...

Many unanswered questions kept popping in his head...

Darkness filled in his heart. After all, the light of his life lay dead...

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  1. I had goosebumps reading this and this could be true. Professionals lead a busy ,hectic and stressful life that unknowingly they do not spare time for their loved ones and when the old dear ones depart , as you rightly said there is no machine to go back, its too late. nicely penned.

    1. Thanks a lot Kaplana...
      I am really worried about the way professional lives of young Indians...
      They are made to work as dogs and for money and power, they never realise what they are losing!

  2. Sad story.. quite realistic.. Loved the way you have narrated it :)

  3. We need to give time to our loved ones too, not be lost in the achievements and accomplishments we wouldn't have got without them. A sad and poignant story, Satya. Goosebumps, like Kalpana said.

  4. Mores of the modern world!!! In fact, everyone around seems to be engulfed in it. Including me. Gone are the days, when family time was considered sacrosanct. Hoping won't help...every individual has to make a conscious effort to spent some precious time with their families.

    1. So true Jini...
      But each one of us has to take a conscious effort...
      And I wish we do!

      Thanks Jini :)

  5. Sad and true too. so much is lost in the mad rush, we seldom realise! good one

  6. Sad story but delivered a powerful message. Good work

  7. my story bears an uncanny resemblance to urs, the message is the same, though the stories are different!!! such a lovely story! well done!

    1. Is it...
      I will check that out soon...
      Thanks a lot!

  8. very sad story,nicely written

  9. Romba sangadamaapochu :(
    Well written !!