Saturday, 16 November 2013

Man of Value

Where we are heading, I often wonder. We are always in a hurry...
We are in a hurry to grow up... grab a great job... make more and more money... climb the hierarchy faster and faster.

There is no time to sit back and think... there is no time for one self and there is no more time to embrace the loved ones...

Working hours have become erratic and eating habits have become crazy... We all have become self-obsessed. Loving oneself and getting obsessed with oneself is two different things.

We believe that buying expensive gifts from corners of world and filling our loved one’s pockets with plastic cards that can buy them anything their heart wishes for in a swipe would make them happy. And with that belief we work more and more. Days become night... Sun sets an even moon fades... Unmindful of changing seasons and our body’s cry for attention in the form of obesity, cholesterol, sugar and what not! We work...

But for what? What do we gain?

Try not to become a man of success
Try to become a man of value
-          Albert Eistein

Try becoming a man of value. Be close to your loved ones... take care of yourselves... abide by human values... World will never fail fail to remember you and success would follow you wagging its tails.

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