Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sewing 'N' Blogging

Ammaji declared, “I would have gone mad if there was no sewing machine” And I nodded in acknowledgement. I could not agree more. I have seen my mother stitching and experimenting. She is a keen observer and a hungry learner. Thanks to that nature! After all, I get beautiful dresses and amazing pouches... bags... pillows... table spreads and ah... the list just goes on.

However, I am a little too lazy to learn stitching though I have taken it seriously and learning religiously.

When my mother made that statement, I replied, “I would have gone mad if the blog was there” And she nodded in agreement. I am a keen observer and a hungry learner too which results in posts and more posts.

Blogging has become my hobby and hobby that is letting me grow. It lets me cry... smile... laugh... talk to different people.. taste different flavors that culture offers... travel... read... watch and what not! And the blogger in me is always vigilant. It is always in a quest to find something interesting.

And I am only glad that Locomente is within me and still with me.


  1. Good for you kid, if writing is the outlet that you need, then be rest assured you will turn into an awesome writer one of these days and probably even get published as well. Keep writing!!!

  2. Thanks a lot Mahabore...
    When it comes from you... It means a lot anna!