Saturday, 30 November 2013

That Slipping Episode

That cloudy afternoon she was walking hastily towards the food court.

Ouch! She slipped.

She looked around. There seemed to be no one who noticed the debacle. She sighed and continued to walk. A subtle smile broke in her face. A naughty twinkle glittered in her eyes.

The slip reminded her of that walk with him... It was a pleasant evening and they were in a mall doing some serious shopping – window shopping. There were branded clothes and watches... There were colorful bags and wallets... The shoes and sandals looked awesome... The vibrant saris were shimmering...

They continued to walk hand in hand. She had heard that men do not hold patience when the woman starts her shopping ordeal. But she could never fathom. After all, her father was always patient when it came to shopping and so was he – the man whom she loved heartily, the one walking beside her.

She was going through a realm of thoughts when she slipped against his foot. Unmindful of that, she continued the window shopping and her thoughts flowed as if uninterrupted.

She slipped again. In the same way! Unapologetic of that she continued to walk.

Again! This time she felt a little conscious. So she involuntarily opened a conversation with him.

As she slipped again she told him rather incoherently, “why don’t you walk properly. You are making me fall” But he ignored her.


She started feeling embarrassed and self-conscious. She observed the way she walked. Did she walk improperly because he walked rather normally! She wanted to leave his hands and walk by herself. But she also wanted to remain close to him.

When she slipped again, he teasingly said, “Gosh! Stop slipping like this. If you want to fall,  you fall alone. Don’t pull me also.”

This time she became silent. Nothing mattered... The beautiful art crafts or the dresses or the accessories... She tried to analyse the cause for the slip... May be he is tall and his strides are longer than mine, she concluded.

When silence clouded her, he pulled her and said, “You know something you are slipping while walking...” She felt too embarrassed. Suddenly she was scared. Did he feel embarrassed of her, she wondered

He continued, “You are slipping because I keep my foot on your way. And because you are so engrossed in your window-shopping that you don’t even notice”

A childish smile evaded her and she said, “Moron!”

He indeed laughed like a moron and they continued to walk... Her shoulders kissing his arms... And doing more window-shopping... Eating ice cream... And their silent spectator – love – followed them like a shadow...

As she climbed into the food court, that incident reeled like a phantasmagoria. And within her breath, ensuring that nobody would hear, she said to herself, “Moron”!

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