Monday, 25 November 2013

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 11

Heart  : I think I have lost it?
Mind    : What? You are in love? AGAIN? Aggggrrrrr
Heart  : No idiot
Mind    : Then what?
Heart  : My mind. Ha ha!!
Mind    : I am still here. Have you gone blind?
Heart  : But, these days you talk only senseless things. That’s why I think I have lost my mind
Mind    : Losing mind is safer than losing heart
Heart  : If you lose heart you will get another, someone else’s. But boy! Lose your mind and you will get nothing at all.
Mind    : From where you got this dramatic dialog
Heart  : From the alleys of your mind.
Mind    : It is stored because you read it
Heart  : But did I ask you to store it?
Mind    : That’s what I am for
Heart  : Then I am here to be dramatic.
Mind    : Whatever

Heart  : Yeah... WHATEVER!