Sunday, 22 December 2013

Are you Thinking about me?

This is one of those nights when sleep fail to kiss my eyes. I really wish that you were beside to draw me towards your side and brush my hair aside to plant a lovely kiss on my dove-like eyes.

But, you are so far away from me… Are you thinking about me, I wonder although I know that you are not! Do you miss me too, I wish to ask you although I know that you hate my pings full of yearnings.

Tears are trickling down my cheeks… How I wish it was your gentle fingers caressing me and not the salty water.

There is only one dream and that dream is to have you beside in reality. I feel happiest with you and you know that too. Then, why are you staying away from me?

Didn’t you tell me that past is history, future is mystery and present is God’s present? Then, why are you not being with me at present? Why am I forced to stay away from your contagious smile and magnetic charm?

These long nights and my endless rants are a decade old now; friends make fun of me and family advise me. But, you flow like a water, unmindful of my agony and desperation.

Oh dear,
Fill the darkness in my life with your sunshine…

I am alone and I miss you….

Should I change, I have asked you ample times. I can be a clay for you and you can mold me into anything. But, don’t let me change myself and give you up. That’s a punishment for me; don’t punish me, oh love.


  1. Hey dear, I wish everything go well at your end... don't get depress...he'll be with you soon. I pray :-)