Saturday, 21 December 2013


 dear friend and I happened to visit the ISKCON temple at Malleswaram, Bangalore on a chill November morning. The onwards journey took about 45 minutes to reach. Thank God! After all, it was an early morning on a Saturday.

After a detailed circumambulation, we caught an auto the Manthri mall.

Whats the big deal, you many wonder…

The auto-walla ran meter!!!

If you go to the new Bangalore (A Word keyed by me) which includes areas like CV Raman Nagar, Marathahalli, Koramangala and don’t-know-which-all-places, the auto drivers don’t run meter. They charge a bomb; many a times it would be 200%-500% of the actual fare. These auto drivers have a unique capability of finding out if you are new to the city/area. Based on their always-correct judgment, they charge the fare.

Well, this difference between old Bangalore (Rajajinagar, Malleshwaram and many such places) and new Bangalore is shocking. It made me wonder if this has to do with the attitude of people living in these areas.

In old Bangalore, the residents are those who have been living for several decades. It still carries an old world charm and serenity. It is chill and wrapped with trees. There are many areas where trees still sway to the tune of mesmerizing breeze. There are many independent houses and people here look like you and me; not like any model of advertisements or movie star!

On the other, the population of new Bangalore comprise more of young crowd who work in IT industry. You can see floating population here. There will be love birds and young couple. There are PGs in every nook and corner. The areas are very much polluted and full of skyscrapers. These people dress up in branded outfits and carry branded accessories. They are always plugged into ear-phones and their faces are always hidden in a veil.

And look, the auto people charge like human in old Bangalore. They turn devil to the residents of new Bangalore. Does this have to do with the I-don’t-care attitude of the people in new Bangalore? Or are they forced into it?

In either case, the auto drivers are having a ball.

And needless to say, I miss old Bangalore…

A place which looks more human and relatable!

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