Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Be the Change to Feel the Change

I walk on road and find waste deposits… I see people spitting and throwing plastic bags and papers on road… I see that the suffocated and over-flowing dustbin on road pleads our mercy. I see irresponsibility in the eyes of these people.

Just a thought….

Would you throw trash around at your home? Would you like to stay at a place that stinks? Would you enjoy the buzz of flies and mosquitoes in your house?

If any of the answer is yes, then I agree that I am wrong…

If the answer is no, then, the next time you decide to throw some trash on road or spit, ask yourself the above questions. I bet that you will not have the heart to throw or spit.

There are many things which are under our control like hygiene, road safety, corruption-free world, etc. Why don’t we take control of such things and try to bring some change?

Why don’t we clean the road that stretches in front of our home? Why don’t we spend some money and build a common dust-bin in our colony. Why don’t we call the NGOs and give the stray dogs a home?

Be the change…
Bring the change…
Feel the change…

After all, change is inevitable!

Written as a part of Spark The Change hosted by BlogAdda

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