Monday, 9 December 2013

Breezed Through...

This post is written as a part of contest. Locomente does not promote the product neither does it recommend it.

Alcohol always remained as an enigma to her. She had seen people getting addicted to it… ruining their life and adsorbing other’s happiness. She wanted to know what was so special about it. She wanted to know what was so addictive about it.

One day, she tasted Vodka. But that tasted yuck… Pungent. Friends teased her and she started pitying herself. The parties became monotonous and get-togethers became boring. After all, she also longed to hold a glass of alcohol… sip it addictively and feel the alcohol run within her body and mix with blood. She longed to forget herself and fly in the air.

As a part of her mission, she sipped whiskey and tried beer. Rum and brandy are not known to be woman’s drink. Yet she tried them. But she didn’t like them.

Eventually she gave up the mission. She started to accept the fact that she is more a cocktail-person than a hard-core alcohol lover who can sip the alcohol raw; straight from the bottle.

Until that day when she came across a bunch of little beer-like bottles filled with colorful liquids.

She chose the purple one… Blackberry flavored.
Blackberry Crush, it was called.
And before she realized, she had developed a huge crush on it!

She was very sure that she would hate that too. But she astounded herself. After all, she loved it! It carried a sweetness with it. It never let her loose her mind and always kept her happy because she was sipping alcohol too… straight from the bottle!

Breezer it was…
It came as a chill breeze in her otherwise alcohol-free life.

What attracted her towards it, she didn’t know. The color or the taste? The awesomeness it spread within her and the mere of being “cool” that it gave her. She was unsure about it. And she never tried to decrypt either. That mystery let her explore herself more and more with the sweet company of Breezer.

Blackberry Crush Breezer by Bacardi changed her life… and her party life of course!

Her life seemed happening; kind of a celebration. It never let her puke and never once she had to complain about the hangover. Its smell was pleasant and it tasted awesome. Among her friends, she became a girl with a crush on Blackberry crush. And oops! She was not apologetic or embarrassed about that!

Sometimes, when solitude kissed her, she would shut herself within the constraints of her room and let the breezer mix with her blood. She liked it a lot when a couple of breezers make her feel like a feather. She would feel as if all the worries have flown through the narrow window sill.

Was she a Breezer addict? No, she wasn’t.
She just enjoyed its company and the awesomeness it spread!
And nobody would ever complain that they have had an overdose of happiness, would they?
She was no different.

About Bacardi Breezer
(Excerpts from Wikipedia)  
Bacardi Breezer is fruit wine -based alcopop with 2% alcohol in India. It comes in a variety of fruit flavors like lemon, peach, pineapple, apple, ruby grapefruit, lime, orange, blackberry, watermelon, cranberry, coconut, raspberry, blueberry, pomegranate, strawberry, and mango, and it is also available in both chocolate and piña colada flavors. A number of the flavors are available in the Half Sugar range. In India, Bacardi Breezer was the first entrant in the ready-to-drink category and is currently the market leader in its segment.

This post is written as a part of Breezer- Catch the Flavor contest sponsored by Bacardi Breezer, hosted by IndiBlogger


  1. I loved how you started - "Locomente does not promote the product neither does it recommend it." :-P

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    1. Thanks a lot Amrit...
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