Monday, 23 December 2013

Friend's Wedding!

he looked at the mirror for one last time. Her black and gold brocade sari accentuated her further. Her wavy hair was tied together and a string of jasmine adorned her hair. The necklace, ear rings and bangles were in place. The little stone in the bindi dazzled and gave heavy competition to her diamond nose-pin. The make-up was not too heavy and her friend’s sandals went perfectly well with her sari. She smiled at her reflection and walked towards the brides’ room. It was only 7 in the morning. Yet she was ready. After all, she is the bride’s maid!

As she walked towards her friend’s room, a few knots started detangling within her stomach. She muttered a prayer and hoped that the wedding takes place smoothly.

The wedding…?

She still could not fathom. Is her best friend really getting married? Have they grown up so fast? Why can’t time freeze? Why time is fluttering so fast?

She liked her fiancé. Yet she felt jealousy. He was taking away her dear friend. May be, they might grow closer. Yet, she was becoming emotional.

As she opened the bride’s room, she knew she can’t hide anymore. Her eyes welled and her heart started racing. Her friend looked at her and they both started giggling like teenagers.

The beautician was busy with setting her hair. Her wedding sari suited her well and she looked stunning. She was glowing.

Then she checked if the mehandhi has reddened further. It had. She felt happier.

She sat beside her friend and helped the beautician at times.

After a couple of hours, her friend was transformed into a glowing bride. They took a photograph together when the photographers came in.

While walking towards the stage, her friend whispered to her, “Please get married. You can’t wait for him forever. I can’t wait more to be your bride’s maid”

Their eyes met. Their eyes held precious tears. 

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