Sunday, 15 December 2013

Identical-Dress Syndrome

was walking towards the bus stop when I noticed that a fair skinned, tall girl was smiling at me. I wondered why. Then she introduced herself as my classmate. I That’s it! Friendship at first sight flickered in the sunny afternoon on the first day of my college …

Since then there has been no looking back… three years at college followed by three and a half years of articleship… Besides several lunches… movies… shopping… gossips… fights… cries… smiles… laughter and what not!

Ah! Her thoughts are bringing me umpteen memories… There are some that I would carry to grave; share with my great grandchildren (I hope I would be alive till then)… And there are few that I believe that we would repeat even when we have lost all our tooth. (These days I am not scared about losing tooth because her fiancé is a dentist. Woohooo!!!)

One of such things we would repeat in the future is the fetish that we have developed; a fetish for identical dresses, sandals and accessories. The craze started four years before and we have about three dozens of identical dresses!

I would rather call it “Identical Dress Syndrome” than fetish because we are hopelessly inflicted by the virus called “Identical dress”.

When we dress up, we would focus on smallest of smallest details. Then, we would go for extensive and elongated outing. We would enjoy the attention from crowd. Many a times, people would ask if we are twins. We would unflinchingly say yes. There are many stores and people in our hometown who still believe that we are twins!

Our families tease us for our fetish and our mothers go paranoid about the fact that we spend so much time, money and energy in finding identical dresses. They say that we are addicted to this fetish and we don’t deny it either.

Anything for an all-smiled photograph we say!

Sometimes, it is things like these that keeps us going, isn’t it? Our fetish may be silly, costly and even crazy. But that has given us memories. I would say that memory is a rarity; especially good memories where all are smiling.

Her wedding is round the corner and I am wondering if all the identical-dress craze could be carried on or not. I don’t know if we would get a chance to take a picture by wearing similar outfits. I also don’t know how often we would meet. But, I know something for sure… that we would someday take a picture where ourselves, our husbands and our kids are wearing identical clothing.

Sounds cool na? (I hope that her fiancé doesn’t read this and run away. After all, the wedding is only a week away :P)

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  1. yes memories indeed are something to treasure ... waiting for your 12484th post on that all identical dress family photo ..:hope I got my math right ..:-)

  2. Kesu I guess you have got the maths right I suppose...
    I am hoping the same too...
    An identical dress family foto...
    Who knows... Our great grand kids could be affected by this syndrome... :P

    Thanks Kesu :)