Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Marriage Time...

“WHAT? ARE YOU SERIOUS?” Priyanka asked Riyanna.

Riyanna noded in response and her cheeks flushed into deep pink. Priyanka was still in a state of shock.

Riyanna and Priyanka were childhood friends; more like sisters. They were partners in all the possible crimes; sneaking candies… bunking classes… partying… smoking… boozing… what not!

“Ree, don’t kid around. This maamla is serious”, Priyanka was growing restless.

“Come on Pree... Why would I lie to you? Mother promise. Chalo now stop behaving like a nursery kid”, Riyanna said. Her face turned pink again.

“Does this mean you are seriously getting married to that Ian guy?” Priyanka asked in disbelief. Riyanna nodded and they both started giggling.

They were 28 years old and marriage was one topic they always avoided. But Riyanna’s parents arranged a family get together and smartly made the couples meet. One glance and a few chit-chats followed by many calls and pings, they admitted they love each other.

“Pree, I am telling you… You should get married too… It is amazing. It’s time to be courageous and accept the responsibilities it throws at you. Agree baby, please”, Riyanna pleaded.

“I have been thinking about it too, Ree. Now that you are getting married, I think I should get married too. But the question is how did you know HE-IS-THE-ONE”, Priyanka aksed.

“Our parents introduced us to each other. His clean shave look bowled me over and I thought he is a mature and responsible guy. He looked neat and well-dressed. I thought ki if he takes of himself so well, then, he would take care of me too. His smile spread warmth and we started talking. Rest is history you see…” Riyanna spoke out of the wisdom she had gathered recently.

And Priyanka started thinking about marriage too…

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