Sunday, 29 December 2013

Oru Indian Pranayakadha

athyan Andhikad’s Oru Indian Pranayakadha is about budding politician Sidharthan (Fahad Fazil) and Irene Gardner (Amala Paul) who comes to India from Canada. The story begins with Sidharthan and his dream and related struggle related to becoming a MLA. Irene comes into picture as a Canadian born Indian who comes to India for taking documentary on orphanages. And she carries a secret with her.

What is Irene’s secret? Will Sidharthan’s dream of becoming a MLA come true? Will Irene and Sidharthan fall in love? These questions are sweetly answered in this poem-like movie.

The story unravels slowly, yet swiftly. First half evokes several moments to laugh and second half has several light moments. The dialogs are well-written that there are several instances which lets you laugh aloud (Not just LOL). I particularly liked the fact that there is lots of realism that is infused into it. Especially, in a scene where Irene smashes a mosquito which irritates her arm. This is done in the middle of a conversation with a casual demeanor. Such a body language is not needed in that scene. But, that further adds to the reality.

Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, thoigh comes across for a few minutes, does a great job. Her eyes are expressive as always. And then Innocent fits perfectly into the role. He is spontaneous and that spontenity is contagious. All the characters in the film stays in our heart. I loved Sidharthan’s granny’s character enacted by Valsana Menon.

However, the sparkling stars in the film is Fahad Fazil and Amala Paul of course. Both of them have delivered their best. Many a times, being natural and bringing realism is the toughest of all. Amazingly, they have succeeded in that.

The little track between Sidharthan and Divya (Shafna) is so practical; a kind that happens in everyone’s life. Anyways, I am not going to break the suspense element. I also liked the fact that the director chose to postpone the anticipated climax for another five minutes. Those five minutes took the movie to another level although the final cut was something that was totally expected.

Vidyasagar’s songs are just alright. But the background music needs special accolade. It blends with scenes. Amala Paul’s costumes are beautifully done. It is trendy and casual yet totally wearable. Girls, you can copy her. It is so wearable. And Fahad has made the Kadhar look THE look. It looks apt to his character and I appreciate the fact that he maintained that all through the film.

In short, Oru Indian Pranayakadha is a breath of fresh air. Those umpteen light moments and laugh provoking dialogs coupled with swift narrative and subdued performances from all the actors makes this movie a family entertainer.

This Christmas and New Year time, go for this with your family and enjoy!!!!


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