Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Ram Leela

An age old story of love… lust… and misuse of power… Sprinkled with enmity… hatred and vengeance. Of course, as always opposite attracts… love at first sight follows and love lingers around in air… Until families play games and situations tears them apart… Does their love sustain and survive? Do their families accept their love? Does happy-endings follows?

Sanjay Leela Bansali’s Ram Leela is only about this. This is an Indian adaption of Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. The screenplay glides like a poem and the leads, Ranveer Singh and Ram and Deepika Padukone as Leela bathe us in love and obsessive-compulsive-addictive lust.

Though the story and its end is predictable, the director has maintained an element charm and suspense. The editing is swift. There are umpteen songs in the film which cracks in every now and then. Yet, they fit into the situations, except dishkiya, and entertain us.

Lahu muh lag gaya steals our hearts and makes us feel desperate to fall in love. And Ang laga depicts the cravings and yearnings. These are my personal favorites. Background score blends with the situations and evoke surrealism.

Ranveer Singh is a show(heart)-stealer. He lives as Ram and does a very good job. His chiseled body is exploited by the camera beyond limit. His character is well-defined which makes us feel empathetic towards him. There are some scenes where his genuineness makes a lump develop in our throats.

Deepika is stunning as usual. She is impulsive and carefree. She is expressive and looks beautiful. Her acting skills is seasoning with times and she is very charming.

However, there are several instances which reminds us of Arjun Kapoor and Partiniti Chopra starrer Ishaqzaadhe. If we keep that fact aside, the movie is entertaining and endearing.

I say that go and enjoy…
Fell the love and fall in love!!!


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