Saturday, 28 December 2013


or almost two years now, two nights in a week is spent in a train… travelling between my work place and home. Travel is always planned and tickets are booked. I also maintain a note in my phone to write down the necessary details like the coach number and the berth. Needless to say, I am always proud that I plan my travels beforehand.

All said, nobody is perfect!

Last week Sunday, I left home a good 20 minutes before the train departure time. I reached station early and I had ample time to relax. The train time was 10.10pm. It was almost 10pm and no announcement had come.

Slowly, I became worrisome. Why the train is not announced, I wondered. My mobile internet was not working… the SMS was not there because of the software upgrade done a day before… And my laptop was not with me either.

A dear friend called me and I asked her to open my IRCTC account. She confirmed the train timing, coach and berth.

But where is the train, I started feeling restless…

That was when the auditor in her noticed the apparent mistake…
The ticket was not taken from Home to Workplace. Instead it was taken the other way round!!!


My friend was visibly irritated with my irresponsibility. I was equally annoyed with myself. But, it was the time to think rationally.

I bought a general ticket… Hopped into the next train… Climbed into a vacant berth and fell asleep shortly…

I was awaken by the early morning alarm… I thanked God…

Guess why?
Nobody came claiming the berth and I managed to have an uninterrupted sleep…

Moral of the story…
Whatever happens, happens for good.
The present situations might make you unhappy, irritated, annoyed and what not. Yet, there will always be a way out from it. All you need to do is maintain your cool and think pragmatically!!!

Enjoy dude!!! 

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