Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Will Miss you, 2013

 wonderful year, I would say…
As the sun sets one last time this year, I bet that I would be feeling happy…
I will be remembering the good times and several unexpected events that brought happiness.
Some events brought unbound joy which would live longer…
But there are several moments which brought smiles and died fast…
Looking back, I am not regretting anything though.
After all, who am I?
Who am I to judge the past and remorse?
Everything in life happens for a reason and we should learn to accept that fact.
We have done nothing deliberately and so have others.
If somebody came into your life, they came to affect you; however feeble their influence may be.
If someone left you, they were never meant to stay.
We should feel thankful for every ounce of joy they poured and forget the pain like a disgusting puke which we don’t like to think about!

I know I am talking philosophy now. I know that this doesn’t suit me.
But hey! May be I am saying this out of many experiences that life threw at me.
I learnt this because of people who left me than those who stayed at me.
In any case, does that matter at all?
As long as you listen to me and try to save good memories and do a Shift+Delete for all the bad ones instead of a mere Delete!

Bahut philosophy ho gaya!

All I have to let you, my readers, know that I had a rocking year. I enjoyed the solitude… I made new friends… I lost a few of them… I got a cool job too which took me back to my birth place after 18 long years… I had fun… I smiled a lot… I cried too (No complaints though)

And on this penultimate day… On this New Year’s Eve, I am going through a mixed feeling. Memories of 2013 on one side and uncertainty of 2014 on another in holding me tight. Everything said, I am looking forward for a completely out-of-the-world year… Personally, professionally and of course, as Locomente!

See you all next year…

Miss you 2013… L

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