Saturday, 18 January 2014

A Lonely Soul!

n a crowd of thousands, I feel lost. I feel alone and my heart wishes for a company. There are many people. But they are all new. They have their own lives and they are reluctant to change their routine. I am new too and I wish that I have someone beside. I am bored living a life at the fingertip. I wish that people are with me and not just virtually connected.

The life is becoming crazy and lonely. It is becoming boring and monotonous. There is no one to talk and no one to crack poor jokes with. I am missing my older life. I wish that life never changed and that people never changed.

But then, life is a maverick.

With suppressed tears…
A lonely soul!


  1. Well, i empathize with you on this, being a loner myself, having migrated to a city solely for career. Well this is a phase, fight it, survive it and succeed. You, for sure would have seen the happy times with family & friends and now is the time to test your real strength in the jungle alone. Let us know before it breaks Lara Croft. :) Don't forget to fight with a smile and as they say, don't bite the bait girl.