Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bookworms's Bombast!

s history repeating itself? Has my life come one full cycle? I wondered for the nth time. A decade ago my life was similar to today; my life was a routine. There were classes, studies, umpteen dreams with budding wings and silence. Yes! Silence…

There were no friends and no companions. There was no fun and no awesomeness. It was either dreams and I or silence and I.

Eventually, my life started to change. I made friends while I started to chase my dreams. Love blinded me and a smile never left me. I was the happiest, luckiest and blessed of all, I thought. All my dreams got fulfilled and I emerged victoriously.

As success and glory kissed me, I realized that people are invariably leaving me. I cried. I pleaded. But they moved away from me and they moved on too.

Eventually there came a phase where there was no one to talk to… No one to share the happiness with… And no one wipe the tears which never got tired of escaping my sad eyes.

Once again I was alone. Once again it was silence and I. There were no dreams because it was either achieved or shattered.

That was when I became addicted…

Yes, you heard me right. I became addicted…

Addicted to books!

Books became a part of my daily life. I started living with the fictional characters. Their world became mine and their pain disturbed me. I laughed when they cracked jokes and cried when they cried. I distanced me from myself and enjoyed loitering in their world.

I started waking with a book beside me and read until my eyes gave up.

Eventually, happiness kissed me and loneliness shied away from me. Indeed, I have to agree that I am still wrapped with silence. Still, I could hear the unsaid words. Of course, my dreams were achieved or shattered. Yet I could dream about those fictional characters and their life.

Once again, I became the happiest alive!

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Happy reading!


  1. That's wonderful!
    You've the best companion dear... :)
    Now a days my interest has drifted towards reading books and your this sweet post is boosting the flair in me.
    Thanks dear.
    Always stay happy and smiling

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