Sunday, 19 January 2014


“It’s very near”
“It will take only five minutes to reach”

How many times have you heard these kind of statements from strangers when you ask for directions? How many of you have walked miles and miles because somebody (many) said it is very near?

Well, at least I am one of such unlucky people.

Life in a new city is both exciting and struggle-some.

Exciting because you get to explore new place… absorb the new culture… learn new language… meet different people… tickle your taste buds with fresh flavors… and what not!

Struggle because you are clueless… the roads seems to be stretching infinitely… every place looks the same… hunger strikes you… homesickness follows… and the list goes on…

The toughest challenge is of course finding directions….

During the first few weeks at Bangalore, I have walked like a machine – nonstop. Foot starts aching and you start feeling agitated.

However, as days pass you realize something – that you can’t walk forever!!!

So all you guys who are going to a new city or to a new part of any city… always keep the maps handy. All the smart phones have this feature. It gives you direction and also tells you how many kilometers are there. It will give you an idea and you would know what to expect!

So people, use your smart phone wisely. Always get directions from multiple persons to confirm that they are leading you towards the right path. Be alert and be safe. Try to memorize landmarks like malls, shops, houses, bus stops and alike.

Above all, be ready to walk…
You walk too much… you may feel tiered…
But I can assure that you will never forget the area…

Happy exploring!!!


  1. I think this is interesting.. "Alice in Bangalore".. and well i'm sure its interesting how deep the rabbit hole goes.. blog it perhaps.. was getting bored and reading through couple of blogs.. i have to say you have a way with words.. :) good reading.. enjoy exploring.. :)

    1. Thanks a lot for dropping by and the comments!