Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Optimistic... Again!

rom being an obsessive and compulsive blogger, I have become someone who updates it for the heck of it. The zeal has gone and the passion is missing. And I am amazed.

I admit that as readers you would never have felt that way. After all, I post on a daily basis and religiously reply to comments. But that old enthusiasm and fervent desire to observe and think is also missing.

These days I prefer to sleep than write. I prefer to stare at the idiot box aimlessly than read. I wish to sit alone than to be with people.

I don’t know why.

Little things bother me and big mistakes stops to haunt me.

May be I am growing up….

In any case, today I am happy; for no reasons. Or are there reasons? Is it because I choreographed a song and danced after six years? Or because I have finally settled in the new city? Or may be due to the fact that I have learnt block my expectations and move on in life; with the aim of keeping myself happy and not others? Or could be because I am typing a blogpost and not just doing a Cntr+A and Cntrl+C from my storehouse of write-ups.

Everything said, I thank each of those dear ones for taking me for granted and for hurting me. I don’t consider those hitting as a punishment or pain. I prefer to think that they chiseled me into what I am today; however I may be now!

And I thank my dear Locomente, which is more like an alter ego now, for patiently standing by me… holding me and optimistically wait for my come back…

After all, I am back!

Ah!! Let me start afresh…
A new book to read and a new life to lead…

Yours optimistically,

Locomente J

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