Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Recahrge h(l)a(i)i(f)r(e)...!

hy do I need to recharge my hair? I this question only once to myself. But I was flabbergasted because I got several answers. I felt as if I don’t have an inner voice; instead I have many. All of them echoed together that the noise made me wonder if my mind has transformed into a fish market. To put it in a more dignified terms, Parliament-like. The yelling and growling amused me. I closed my eyes and tried to understand why my inner-self wanted to recharge my hair.

#1        I can leave my dear little nest in the morning and do a day long shopping. Then go for an evening party; my hair still gleaming!
#2     I can let my hair loose and let it sway in the breeze as I dutifully attend the common friend’s on my friend’s wedding. The loose-hair look accentuating my brocade sari and golden stilettoes.
#3       I can jump into a safari and go into the Wild. I can enjoy the fresh air kissing me and let my hair dance to its tune. How rejuvenating that would be!

Above all, who doesn’t like a frizz-free manageable and healthy hair? It boosts confidence level and at the same time, it makes you look well-groomed!

And since I have an unmanageable, rough, frizzy and unruly semi-curly (I know that the word is wavy. But who cares. I LOATH my hair) I really wish that I could get it recharged…


Why on Earth did God not give me my mom’s silky soft Chinese straight hair?


PS: Becoming too emotional to write further. So I am stopping here abruptly.

This post is written as a part of contest named RECAHRGE YOUR HAIR. RECHARE YOUR LIFE conducted by Sunsilk and hosted by IndiBlogger