Sunday, 5 January 2014


 never feel like New Year has begun if I don’t take resolutions. I write them down so religiously that I also don’t follow them equally religiously. Many a times I feel angry at myself (During the first six months) and eventually I would have forgotten them!

I know I should not talk about my own short-comings. But then, let’s face it. Nobody is perfect. It is the black marks that makes moon so beautiful!

Now I am going to split my resolutions into three:
·         Resolutions I make which though I know I can never follow
o   Wake up at five in the morning
o   Read Newspaper every day! Not only on Sundays
o   Never lose cool. Always control my temper
o   Study every day; not just on the eleventh hour
o   Not to sleep fort more than 7-8 hours a day
o   Read my blog-posts twice before posting it

·         Resolutions I make and I try to follow (In the first six months)
o   Brush teeth at night too
o   Practice the long forgotten Yoga
o   Write my journal on a daily basis
o   Drink 3 litres of water every day
o   Pray to God and mutter a few prayers

·         Unusually, I have made a new resolution
o   To be in touch with my dear family and relatives. Off late, I have realized that I am not only bad at making friends but also in maintaining them in a long run.
o   Over last two years, I have read a little too much of books penned by Indian authors. So I have pledged that I would restart reading foreign author’s books too.
o   I will try and attempt not to write too much of lovey-dovey stuffs. Overdose of love and desperation can never be appreciated, correct?
o   To shop less. Not because I have become miser or something. But because I am running out of space to store them.
o   And one more, I have decided that I will never go for a movie on the Day-one of its release. I will not be misled by the cast and crew of the film. Instead I will watch only a week after it is released (If and only if it sustain till then) and further only if I get positive feedback!
I know that the above listing might seem to be naïve. But then, what to do. I am fed up with my own resolutions. Many a times, I also wonder why I make resolutions when I don’t intend to follow. But then, resolutions are meant to be like that.

All said, I didn’t tell you one more thing, I have made one more additional resolution this year. This is the most important of all…



With this note, please make resolutions. It is a nice pastime both at the start and end of the year if not in between.

Have a great year ahead!

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