Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Sirens Spell Danger

From the book blurb
There are sirens and, then, there are sirens. Some warn you of danger and some lure you into danger. Lured by a sexy siren, Vicky is mistaken for a secret agent, kidnapped, tortured and slated for death. Will he survive and save Bangalore from going up in flames?

There is a serial killer loose in the city leaving mysterious messages around the bodies of the victims. Are the messages a challenge to the police or a siren call to lure another victim…

Jay is sent to Bellary to investigate a possible ISI plot. Was it merely a murky political plot or was there something more sinister in the offing? And why were two women suddenly singing siren songs of love?

Three tales of nerve-racking suspense and pulse-pounding action.

C Suresh
His passion for writing is on display at his popular blog ‘Life Is Like This’ and, currently, Suresh also has a short story – A Path of Thorns – published in a collection “Uff Ye Emotions”. His short stories The Gates of Hell and Yesterdays and Tomorrows have won contests. 

Radha Sawana
Her blog, ‘Entropy’ began with the random thoughts of her mind and before she realized it, she had started writing short stories too. Her first stories – The Late Goodbye and 48 Hours – were widely loved. Her personal favourite on her blog is her still untitled collection of three short pieces called Harakiri, Saisei and Wind. She is currently writing a seven-part story called Seven.

Karthik L
He started his blog ‘Lucifer House Inc.’ in 2008. One of his stories ‘Nootropic Egress’ won the best story award under science fiction category in a story telling contests and was published in multi-genre anthology ‘Ten Shades of Life’. He has recently started another blog ‘Three Realms of the Mind’ to share his passion for his three favorite fiction genres – science fiction, fantasy and historic fiction with the rest of the world.

What I think
This is a brilliant set of novella. Each of the story is woven around the same theme. However, the flavors it carries is very different. The narrative is pacey and the editing is commendable.

Novella as a style is new in India and I enjoyed reading it. Each story can be completed in one sitting and demands less time. Yet it leaves an imprint in our minds like any other novel. Novellas a thumbs-up for all those who don’t prefer short-stories and who don’t have time for novels. The three authors have collectively understood this fact and have moved wisely.

I also appreciate the fact that the authors have released it as E-book. These days there are so many authors popping up at every nook and corner that getting a good publisher and marketing the same is becoming a challenge. E-books acts as a platform that brings the budding authors and addictive readers in one platform. It is cost effective and also provides ample opportunities to get noticed in the crowd!

One more thing. None of the three authors sounded like a new-comer. The flow is unbelievable and I have to mention Radha Sawan here. SShe has put across so much of efforts and research into her work.

Should you read it?
Please go for it. It is engaging, pacey, gripping and an assured page-scroller!


Thank you
I thank Writer’s Tribe for giving away this wonderful eBook. I wish all the best to the writers.

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