Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Lit Fest!

Some Sunday afternoons would be very different from the regular movies-shopping or family-dozing off afternoons. Last Sunday was one such afternoon.

It was an afternoon that delieverd various flavors of modern Indian fiction market. After all, a dear cousin and Bangalore gifted me an opportunity to be there and witness it.

To begin with, I have never attended such events. To be more frank, have not heard about it either. So I went there like an open book; not knowing what to expect and what is waiting. We reached there afternoon and a slim crowd astounded us.

Firstly we attended a session on Mythology. Nilanjan P Choudhury, author of Bali and Ocean of Milk and Sharath Komarraju, author of Winds of Hastinapur talked about what inspired them to retell the stories that we have been passed on through generations.

Then we attended a session of Anita Nair. She talked about her new book which was also apparently launched there: Idris – Keeper of Light. This book happens to be the first in the trilogy. I loved her attitude and the no nonsense talks.

And then, I attended (Sans my cousin and his friend) Preeti Shenoy’s session on “Love in the time of Google”. It was lively, funny and relatable. Her energy was contagious and I straight away bought two of her books – Life is what you make it and The one you cannot have. She told that she draws her inspiration from people around her and her own experiences. It further re-emphasized the fact that only a keen observer can be a successful writer. By success I don’t mean the monetary fame, but that success of winning the reader’s heart!

We also sat through the sessions of Gen. VK Singh, Tuhin A. Sinha and Sudhir Mishra. However, I feel sad that I missed the session by Faraaz Kazi, the author of Truly, Madly, Deeply and the co-author of The Other Side. I was told that on Saturday (25th January, 2014) Ravi Subramanian, author of best-sellers like Bankster, Bankerupt, If God was a Banker also attended.

In short, it was an awesome and enriching experience thereby transforming a Sunday afternoon into a memorable one…

And I am feeling really happy…
Strangely, recharged and rejuvenated to write more…

Happy reading-writing folks!

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