Monday, 13 January 2014

Tu Tu Mein Mein - 14

Mind   : You are such a lazy thing. All you know is to whine
Heart : Am I lazy? At least I beat, dude! What do you do?
Mind   : I ensure that you beat?
Heart : You don’t really have to. I know my job
Mind   : Yeah... The job of sulking
Heart : Just get lost. Why are you behind me?
Mind   : Because you are lazy!
Heart : GET LOST!


  1. Heard this joke somewhere.. and this could be relevant.. Once Men and Women went to God and asked "Why did you make us so different? why do we always end up fighting right or wrong? why so much of differences b/w the genders? why this problem n why cant it be simple ?"..
    God replied "well, I gave good hearts to women and good brains to men. now the problem is men try to use their heart and women try to use their brain."

    just a humour.. No discrimination at all.. Im still a strong believer that world without women is in vain. :)

    1. In a way yes... Men sound like Mind and women like the Heart... And the best part is that they need to co-exist for survival!
      Thanks Kannappa :)