Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Welcome 2014

ere dawns yet another new year spreading rays of hope and good luck. And I am left wondering what is so special about this day? May be, this is one of those rare days where we can look back, analyze and find out what went wrong thereby taking rectifying measures. It gives an opportunity to re-plan and restructure our lives. It allows us to draw new targets (achievable and meaningful one) and ask ourselves of we attained our last year’s goals.

In other ways, this is that day where we can block our calendars with ourselves to do a performance appraisal and give rating. Sounds too corporate? Arey, let it sound so!

Periodic review of our life is a rejuvenating experience. It makes us closer to ourselves and lets us disclose our weirdest fears to ourselves.

Why don’t we take a piece of paper (Yes, you heard me right. Please take a paper and pen. No more gadgets guys) and set some goals. Also why don’t we write down those good and bad things that happened in 2013?

Am I being too preachy? May be. But I still wish you do that.

Think folks…
You set professional goals… Go through the stressful performance appraisal… Accept the rating your senior gives you… Again set goals for next year… Feel motivated/dejected… Professional life, thus becomes supercool, isn’t it? As in planned and you feel like you know your business (although I can still bet that you don’t!)

If you are a student, life is simpler. You enjoy… study… write exams with a scorn… And you get your results published in the form of marks… That’s a performance indicator, right?

Then dear all, why don’t we measure our performance as a person? The time you spend would be enriching. I can assure so much!

All said, let us hope for a great year ahead. Let us get more time for ourselves, family and friends. Let us celebrate life and let all our teeny-weeny dreams come true.

Let 2014 be a happening year… With smiles and more smiles…



  1. Wonderfully written...Wish you a happy new year :)

    1. Thanks Nabanita...
      Wishing you all the happiness too!

  2. I totally agree with you. Writing things down on paper makes us accountable. HNY!

  3. The idea of measuring performance on paper makes sense and I did it a decade back as confused young man. Time to do a re-visit.