Friday, 21 February 2014

Are you Serious?

Ø  Back in my hometown, there was this young chap. He had one Yamaha RX100 and used to do all the possible stunts on it if any teenage girl was around. He might have been a teenager himself, in late teens may be! Dude, there is world beyond girls!

Ø  I have this neighbor who obsessively and compulsively cleans the ditch every morning for at least an hour! She sweeps through it, removes the crap and what not! At 4:30 in the morning! I hope that she will not read this!

Ø  Then there are some people who always lose their temper and shrill at the pitch of their voice. Take a chill pill man!

Ø  And, there are this more dangerous bunch, who find solace in silence and choose to bury their emotions, thoughts and feelings within themselves. Speak up, dude!

Ø  Oh yes! The folks who always say, “I am like this. Accept me as I am”. I am sick of them. You better accept me as I am too!

Ø  Ah! People who have to take food at some scheduled times… Breakfast at 7:45am, lunch at 12:45pm; snacks at 4pm and dinner at 8pm. I can’t live my personal life like this. Stop this!

Ø  Oh aunty, I am 26 and single. It’s ok! I am not 62 and still single, am I? You better mind your business.

Life is funny most of the times with many-many crazy people around. And it is all about finding some serious time to observe such “serious” people.

After all, the condition might be serious, but not THAT serious!

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