Sunday, 2 February 2014

Bangalore and Apps

he use of smart phone was always restricted to WhatsApp and Facebook until Bangalore days started. But then, life in a big city is never easy. More so if you are new. In fact, the natives find it difficult to get proper routes to different locations owing to its faster and wider developments.

That’s when the Apps comes into help.

I don’t have a private vehicle with me. The BMTC app and Bangalore metro app comes handy. BMTC app is the best I would say. It gives a fair idea of buses available along with the different routes we can take. It gives us bus numbers. This will prevent you from running behind every other bus. It makes you a smart traveler and makes the explore-city mission a happy and happening experience. Same applies with the Bangalore metro app.

Then the famous Ask Laila app. Laila is only a tap away and she readily gives a list of almost everything… Hotels, shops, and what not. It gives you address and contact numbers. The App also allows you to make call. Thus, the app will ensure that you find the right restaurants and shops at the right time!

Then there is Zomato dedicated to the food lovers. It allows you to browse through the nearest, cheapest and finest eat-outs available. It also lets you share your moments with the world and write reviews of the restaurants you have visited. Further, it also gives a fair idea of the distance between your location and the restaurant. This is a highly user friendly app.

For all your conveyance related needs, there us Meru cabs and Bengaluru Cab Taxi. I have not used it yet. But these are user friendly too.

The best thing about these apps are that these are fast in 2G network also. They are highly user-friendly and gives relevant information.

And I believe that such apps are available for all the major cities.

So going forth, never really worry about anything.
Dress up and embrace the city life both hands…

Happy exploring!!!

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