Thursday, 20 February 2014

Idhu kathirvelan kadhal

Cast                : Udhayanidhi Stalin, Santhanam, Nayanthara, Sunder Ramu
Director         : SR Prabhakaran
Music              : Harris Jayaraj
Producer        : Udayanidhi Stalin
Release Date : 14 February 2014
Length           : 156 minutes

My Thoughts
Kathirvelan (Udhayanidhi Stalin), an aredent Anjaneya devotee head to Coimbatore from Madurai to solve the marital problem between his sister (Chaya Singh) and her husband. He bumps into his college friend Mayil (Santhanam). Eventually, falls in love with Pavithra (Nayanthara). The rest of the story is about Kathrivelan chasing Pavithra, Pavithra falling for Kathirvelan and then, Kathirvelan seeking approval for their wedding from their respective families.

All said, I have a disclaimer!
I went to watch the movie because of the following three reasons:
1.        Santhanam
2.       Santhanam
3.       Udhanidhi Stalin and Santhanam combo
Having said that, I was not disappointed!

Santhanam is at his comical best again. The dialogs are catchy and it evokes laughter. His mannerisms are equally funny. What makes this movie a real fun watch is owing to the fact that the humor is situational and blends with the script!

Udhayanidhi Stalin looks more comfortable in front of the camera compared to OKOK. But, I still liked him more in OKOK. I won’t really say that he is a good actor or has impeccable comic timing. But, yet he somehow manages evoke laughter. And, who doesn’t like to laugh?

Nayanthara is looking at her best. Her salwar suits are so vibrant and beautiful. The clothes she wears in the songs are equally beautiful. Her eyes bears lots of kohl adding to her beauty. Yes. This is all I have to say about her because I was smitten by her girl next door look!

OK, now let’s face it. Harris Jayaraj, with due respect, it is time that you consider retirement seriously. The songs are PATHETIC. All the songs seemed to be the same for me. The only saving grace is the choreography. I shamelessly admit that I enjoy Udhayanidhi Stalin’s dance. It is FUNNY!

The screenplay flows with ease. But it is a little too over-burdened with clichés. But, the dialogs are different and catchy. I particularly loved the twist in the climax!

A talent like Sharanya Ponvannan is wasted in the film. She is asked to give only one expression – The expression of fear/shiver. But we all know how impeccable her comic time can be! And Chaya Singh (of Manmadha Raasa… Manmadha Rassa… fame) is Udhayanidhi Stalin’s elder sister? Are you serious?! Sunder Ramu (who comes as Dhanush’s friend in 3 and Mayakkam Enna) is portrayed as the clichéd villain – Come on grow up! – is another talent that is wasted. One more thing, the way the screenplay is handled reminded me of Director Rajesh (of SMS, Boss Engira Baskaran, OKOK and the boring All in All Azhaguraja)

All said, the movie is a onetime watch. It won’t bore you. And as you walk towards the exit, you will remember the following three things:
1.        Santhanam’s dialog and comical timing of course
2.       Udhayanidhi Stalin’s dance
3.       Nayanthara’s outfits


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